Stagecoach is a residential resort community which is located in the Yampa Valley in Routt County Colorado.  It is adjacent to Stagecoach Lake State Park and is just a short drive from Steamboat Springs.  The area offers hiking, biking, fishing, boating, skiing and even dog sledding along with residential opportunities in a beautiful natural setting.



SPOA Board Meeting – 1st Q.

Saturday, Feb 4 2016
At Resort Group Conference Room




Tentatively: July 22, 2017



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Hello Homeowners,


At the Association’s May 14th Board meeting, Tom Effinger, the Routt County Surveyor, notified the Board of some lot surveying issues in the Stagecoach area. Specifically, in some locations there are two sets of survey pins located in different spots marking a lot’s boundary lines. In these cases, there are the original surveying pins from the Woodmoor survey done in the early 1970’s and a second set of survey pins placed by other surveyors during various redevelopment and re-platting projects done in the 1990s and 2000s. The methodology that was used by these other surveyors for locating and placing survey pins was not consistent with the original survey leading to the placing of the additional survey pins. Typically, in land development, the original survey pins are considered to be permanent and correct. The majority of the discrepancies with the survey pin locations are less than 10 feet. The fact that there are two sets of pins is an issue that the County is looking to resolve on a case by case basis. While this issue may impact all Stagecoach subdivisions, to date, the duplicate pin issues have predominately been found in the original Meadowgreen subdivision and those subdivisions surrounding Bushy Creek including Black Horse I & II and Horseback.


The Board and the County would like to make you aware that if you had a survey done of your Stagecoach property from 1995 to 2006, there could be an issue with the correct location of your lots’ survey pins and thus the actual borders of your lot(s).


If property owners would like to construct on or make improvement to their property, it is recommended to have an appropriate survey done to verify setbacks, easements, etc. When pursuing what type of survey to have performed, it is recommended to use a Land Survey Plat, which verifies all 4 points of the lot instead of an ILC (Improvement Location Certificate), which although less expensive, is a method of verifying that any improvements are on the lot, but is not an actual “survey”.


If you have particular questions relating to this issue, please feel free to contact Tom Effinger, Routt County Surveyor at 970-734-5977 or



The Stagecoach Association Board of Directors

Bryan Ayer – Association Manager




Dear Stagecoach Property Owner,


On December 11, 2015, the Routt County District Court heard the Association’s petition to amend its covenants. The Court, having reviewed the petition and supporting documents and ensuring the Association met all legal requirements, approved our petition.  The Association will now file the approved amendment with the Routt County’s Clerk & Recorder’s office. When filed, the amendment will be immediately effective and a part of the Association’s Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions.

Covenant Amendment as Approved and Filed

NOTE:  The approved covenant amendment does not change the separate Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions that govern the High Cross at Stagecoach subdivision.



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Steamboat Association Management


Steamboat Association Management (SAM), a subsidiary of Resort Group, was selected by the Board of Directors as the new Management Company for SPOA.  SAM’s history of managing homeowners associations in Steamboat Springs dates back over 40 years.  They work on behalf of the communities and are responsible for the financial and physical assets of the association.  Please contact them with any questions or concerns.

Bryan Ayer - Association Manager



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