Stagecoach is a residential resort community which is located in the Yampa Valley in Routt County Colorado. It is adjacent to Stagecoach Lake State Park and is just a short drive from Steamboat Springs. The area offers hiking, biking, fishing, boating, skiing and even dog sledding along with residential opportunities in a beautiful natural setting.



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November 16, 2019

February 15, 2020

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SPOA 2020 Annual Meeting

July 18, 2020


Board Meetings held at Resort Group Conference Room 2150 Resort Drive – 2nd Floor 9:00am

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Adopted Road Policies

Attention All SPOA Property Owners and Members:

President’s Message –

With Spring being a complete no show in Colorado this year, we have moved directly into summertime at Stagecoach.  As been the case in recent years, this summer will be another busy one for our owners and the Association with a high volume of new projects planned for the coming months.


This summer we expect to finalize the approval of the four proposed amendments to the Association’s Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions thanks to the prompt and strong voting response by our members. In summary, these amendments allow for the drilling of water wells, the keeping of chickens and pack animals, and the parking of a single trailer outside of an enclosed space. An extraordinary 67% of Association members cast votes and of the votes cast, two-thirds or more were cast to approve and accept each of the four amendments.  Given these results, The Board will now petition the District Court for final approval of the amendments.  You will be receiving additional information about this petition in the mail in the coming weeks. I would like to thank each of you who cast your ballots and participated in this important governance process for our community. Additional information of the proposed amendments and the voting results can be found on page XX of this newsletter and on the Association’s website at


Summertime is also the time when we most think of the ongoing threat and dangers from wildfire in our community.  Wildfire mitigation and education continues to be a top priority for the Board.  Recently the Association sent an email to members which included several documents regarding wildfire mitigation and creating defensible spaces. For the safety of our families and community, I encourage each of you to take the few minutes needed to read these important documents and then to take the actions recommended to prevent and prepare for a wildfire. Copies of the documents that were sent can be found on the Association’s website at are

The ongoing threat of wildfires also reminds us that droughts have become an all too frequent occurrence which limits the availability and use of our most critical resource – water.  The Upper Yampa Water Conservancy District plays a critical role in the planning for and managing of the water resources in the Yampa River basin including those which flow into and out of the Stagecoach Reservoir.  Currently UYWCD has an initiative underway called “Stagecoach Firming” which is an effort to secure or “firm” the water supplies into Stagecoach Reservoir.  As a part of this project, UYWCD is reviewing several structural and non-structural water supply strategies.  Of particular interest to our community are the alternatives which involve the construction of a new reservoir and pipeline in and around the Stagecoach area.  The proposed reservoir, known as the Morrison Creek Reservoir, would be located in the Morrison Creek drainage to the North and East of the Horseback subdivision.  In addition to the reservoir itself, a pipeline would be constructed to transport and release the captured water into the Stagecoach Reservoir during periods of drought.  The UYWCD Board is moving rapidly to make decisions and begin the permitting process for their selected alternatives.  In the coming weeks, the Association will be working to gather and provide additional information on the “Stagecoach Firming” initiative.  Until then, I encourage all members interested in this project to visit UYWCD’s website at and read the posted board meeting materials which include information on this initiative.

Summer is also the time for our Association’s annual membership meeting which I encourage each of you to attend.  This year’s meeting will take place on Saturday July 20th and will once again be held at SOROCO High School in Oak Creek.  The business portion of the meeting, including the election of three Board members, will begin at 9:00 am and end at 11:30 am.  Immediately following the meeting, you’re invited to join neighbors and fellow property owners for a picnic lunch.  After lunch, we will have an information and idea sharing session for those members wishing to stay and discuss road infrastructure in the community. Additional details about the annual meeting, including the agenda, will be mailed to each owner and posted on the Association’s website at


Finally, as the final few weeks of my six-year tenure on the Board of Directors quickly pass, I want to take this opportunity to thanks all those members of our community who I have had the pleasure of serving alongside.  Each of these dedicated individuals have given their time and energy for the betterment of our community.  It has truly been my privilege to serve with them. I also want to thank our community manager Bryan Ayer.  Bryan has served as Community Manager during my five years as President and he works tirelessly in the daily management of our Association. He has been a trusted advisor, supporter and friend.


Enjoy your summer and remember to mark your calendars and attend our annual member meeting on Saturday July 20th.  I look forward to seeing many of you there!


John Troka



As many of you know, the Stagecoach Covenants prohibit lot owners from constructing a house or other structure before the construction plans are approved by the Architectural Control Committee.  However, the Covenants don’t provide much guidance as to how the ACC is supposed to decide which applications to approve. This makes the process difficult for both the members of the committee and for the owners wishing to build.


Over time, the association directors have adopted policies that help to interpret some of the vague language of the Covenants.  However, the policies adopted to date only cover a few of the issues facing owners and committee members.  At their meeting on May 18th, the directors tentatively approved more comprehensive guidelines.  These proposed policies are published below.  Under the governance policies of SPOA, all new policies must be published to the members prior to being finally adopted.  The purpose of this publication is to give all members an opportunity to comment.  If you wish to object or otherwise comment on the proposed guidelines, please send your objections or other comments, in written form, to the SPOA managing agent, Bryan Ayer at


The proposed policies are numbered 2019-1,2,3 and 4.  Proposed policy 2019-4 deals with the way in which decisions are made within the ACC.  Although the Covenants say that the committee must have at least three members, there is no direction on how the votes are counted.  The proposed guidelines make it clear that the vote of the majority of the members who vote will be the decision of the committee.


Proposed policy 2019-3 deals primarily with how applications are handled.  It sets out certain situations in which an application will automatically be rejected.  So, for instance, if an owner commences construction before applying for approval the application will automatically be disapproved. It also sets out an “informal” process that allows an owner to get a promise of approval from SPOA before spending the time and money to prepare final plans for submission to Routt County.  It also sets out the documents that need to be provided to the committee along with the application.


Proposed policy 2019-2 deals with house sites, materials and design elements.  As in the case of 2019-1, certain things are prohibited.  So, for instance, owners cannot use wood shake shingles [because they are a serious liability in the event of a forest fire] and cannot cover the entire exterior of a house in metal [because metal buildings don’t blend well with the natural environment].  However, most of the potential restrictions are labeled as “disfavored” which means that the owner must convince the members of the committee why a material or a design element that would otherwise be disallowed should be permitted in their particular case.


Proposed policy 2019-1 restricts the colors that may be used for the exterior of houses and other structures.  So, for instance, if the policy is approved, owners will not be able to construct orange colored roofs or use yellow colored siding.  In tentatively approving this policy, the directors have taken the position that houses at Stagecoach should be constructed in a way that will blend, to a reasonable extent, with the natural environment.  This is consistent with the admonition in the preamble to the Covenants that the ACC exercise its discretion to try to “insure the lasting beauty” of Stagecoach.


It is the opinion of the ACC members and the board of directors that these proposed policies will greatly help to eliminate much of the uncertainty that currently surrounds the approval process.  We invite your review and comment.




Attached are some fire resources to assist you in understanding the risks and mitigation needed to improve the chances of saving your home and the lives of those around you.

“Fire 2012-1 Protecting Your Home from Wildfire: Creating Wildfire-Defensible Zones

A Guide to Firewise Principles” and many other useful publications can be found on the

Colorado State Forest website at:

And lastly, take strides to begin or improve your evacuation planning; it is a key element in preparing to live with the inevitable wildfire. If you haven’t already done so, please take a moment to register with Routt County’s Emergency Alert Notification System. Go to and click on the “Notify Me” button on the left side of the page. You will have the option to receive notifications via text or e-mail. If you need to evacuate, your notification will come through this system or possibly by a Sheriff’s deputy knocking on your door. You may receive what’s known as a Pre-Evacuation Notice or it may be a full evacuation notice. Either way, you need to be prepared. Preparation actions include:

·         Having a “Go Bag” with 48-72 hours of key items you will need. (See attached list)

·         Practicing different ways to get in and out of your community.

·         Planning where you and your family will meet up, if separated.

·         Having a third party you will contact who can let out-of-town family know you are safe (phone lines are often tied up during emergency situations).


Living in a wooded area near public lands increases your wildfire risk but it doesn’t have to be a scary thing. Wildfire is actually easier to prepare for than some natural disasters. But it does take understanding your risk and undertaking some mitigation efforts to reduce that risk. Firefighters actually do a great job and put out about 98% of the wildfire starts every year. It’s those 2% that get away that make the news. Please look over the attached information




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Steamboat Association Management (SAM), a subsidiary of Resort Group, was selected by the Board of Directors as the Management Company for SPOA for a new one year contract for the 2018 Fiscal Year.  SAM’s history of managing homeowners associations in Steamboat Springs dates back over 40 years.  They work on behalf of the communities and are responsible for the financial and physical assets of the association.  Please contact them with any questions or concerns.

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