Stagecoach is a residential resort community which is located in the Yampa Valley in Routt County Colorado.  It is adjacent to Stagecoach Lake State Park and is just a short drive from Steamboat Springs.  The area offers hiking, biking, fishing, boating, skiing and even dog sledding along with residential opportunities in a beautiful natural setting.

  • Posted 2-14-18

    Subject: Well Permits and Subdivisions within Routt County, Water Division 6


    This letter is to clarify the position of the Division of Water Resources (DWR) regarding the issuance of individual on-lot well permits within subdivisions in Routt County. Changes to the over-appropriated status of streams within Routt County combined with a lack of previously-approved subdivision water supply plans, affects DWR’s evaluation of well permit applications on lots included in a subdivision of land as defined in section 30-28-101(10)(a), C.R.S. This letter serves as an opinion regarding material injury likely to occur to decreed water rights from a water supply for a subdivision as referenced in section 30-28-136(h), for subdivisions without an existing opinion on file with DWR. This letter, coupled with subdivision platting dates and stream over-appropriation dates, serves as a guide to what types of well permits may be issued for subdivisions within Routt County. A map showing the stream systems considered to be over-appropriated and the date they became over-appropriated is attached hereto as Attachment C.


    Download full document  -  Download Plat-Dates-and-Water-Sewer-Access

  • Posted 9-14-2017

    In a recent meeting attended by SPOA board member Matt Kaufman, Erin Light of the Colorado Division of Water Resources indicated that while the original goal of the Division was to have a determination on the water well issue by September 30th, October 15th is a now more likely date. Also, during the public comment period of the Routt County Board of County Commissioners meeting held on September 5, 2017, SPOA board member John DiNicholas inquired if the commissioners had any updates on the issue of water well and vault permits in the Stagecoach area.  In summary their response was the County was taking a wait and see approach to the written determination the Colorado Division of Water Resources indicated would be forthcoming on or about September 30th.  You can find the audio recording from their discussion with John DiNicholas below.


    Public Audio Recording

  • Posted 8-30-2017

    Routt County Commissioners Meet With Morrison Creek Metro District to Discuss Suspension of Water Well and Vault Permits


    On Tuesday, August 29th representatives of the Morrison Creek Metropolitan Water and Sanitation District met with the Routt County Commissioners to discuss the recent suspension of the issuance of water well and sanitary vault permits in the Stagecoach area.  Erin Light of the Colorado Division of Water Resources (CDWR) was also present at the meeting.  Although there was a rather lengthy discussion on the issue, both the District and the County are taking a wait and see approach pending the release of a definitive position statement by the CDWR on how they well evaluate, restrict and/or grant household well permits in the Stagecoach area.   Per Ms. Light, the CDWR is targeting the end of September for the release of this position statement.


    For those interested in hearing specifically what was said at the meeting, we have posted a copy of the County’s public audio recording of the BCC meeting on our website which can be found at   We have edited the recording to only include that portion of the BCC meeting that included the discussion with Morris Creek.  The meeting lasted just over 1 hour.  We will also be posting the minutes from this meeting when they are available from the county.


    Public audio Recording



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Attention All SPOA Property Owners and Members:



I am writing you today to make you aware of some recent developments which impact all members of the Association and the Stagecoach community.


First, the Colorado Division of Water Resources (CDWR) has temporarily suspended the issuance of water well permits in the Stagecoach area.  In 2006, the CDWR determined the water in the Yampa River and its tributaries was over-appropriated.  As a result, under Colorado water law the permitting of new wells in “post-1972 subdivisions” served by the Yampa River is restricted. This restriction applies to all wells including those for in-house use only.  A property owner may be able to overcome the restriction if they develop and receive Water Court approval for an individual water augmentation plan or they contract with an entity that operates an existing Water Court approved umbrella augmentation plan. Unfortunately for most of the undeveloped subdivisions in Stagecoach, there currently are no approved umbrella augmentation plans available and very limited, if any, sources of water available for an owner to develop an individual augmentation plan.


In response to the CDWR’s suspension of water well permitting, the Morrison Creek Metropolitan Water and Sanitation District (MCMWSD) have also temporarily suspended the issuance of permits for sealed sanitary vault systems under its inter-governmental agreement with Routt County.  Attached you will find a resolution adopted by the Board of MCMWSD on August 18, 2017 which outlines their reasoning for this suspension, as well as the specific actions they are taking.


While we know these are both critical issues for our members, there is a tremendous amount of information that is still unknown.  Currently the CDWR is working with MCMWSD and Routt County to determine which, if any, of the Stagecoach subdivisions they consider “post-1972 subdivisions” and therefore subject to water well permit restrictions.  Until the CDWR declares their formal position relative to each of the platted Stagecoach subdivisions, the Association is unable to determine if any specific action is necessary to protect our member’s property rights and interests.  What we do know is that we will need to move quickly once the CDWR formalizes its position on each Stagecoach subdivision.  The Association’s Board of Directors and legal counsel have been briefed on these issues and are closely monitoring and working with the CDWR, MCMWSD and Routt County to ensure they identify and understand the potential impacts their decisions may have on our members and community.  We will continue to update you as significant new information becomes available and decisions are reached.

Finally as we move forward, I encourage each of you to actively engage in understanding and participate with the Association in seeking a positive resolution of this matter.  All property owners, including those receiving water service from MCMWSD and those with existing household water wells and/or sealed sanitary vaults, have a vested financial interest in ensuring the property values of 1,000+ platted but unserved lots in Stagecoach are not significantly diminished. Thank you for your time and support.


John Troka

President, Stagecoach Property Owners Association.


Morrison Creek Metropolitan Water and Sanitation District Resolution.




Dear Stagecoach Property Owner,


In an effort to maintain transparency and continue to build on our the partnership with the South Routt community, Stagecoach State Park made a presentation to the SPOA board at the Board  meeting on November 18th in regards to the Morrison Creek Day Use area as well as a new proposed trail in the area.


Park staff have recently completed an internal review of their current and projected budget and how that relates to park maintenance, seasonal staffing and future park priorities in relation to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Strategic Plan. In light of the current financial reality and after an analysis of the public use patterns at the Morrison Day Use Area, park staff have developed a plan to modify the management and recreational opportunities of this section of the park.  Morrison Closure


Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Bureau of Land Management and Upper Yampa Water Conservation District staff have also begun discussions on the development of a new trail that would connect federal and state managed lands. The proposed trail would connect with the Elk Run Trail just South of the dam wall and would also include a new parking area at the terminus of Arapahoe Road where it abuts Stagecoach State Park. Stagecoach State Park BLM Trail  | Trail Projection Map




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