Board of Directors


Stagecoach's Governing Body


Kate Rachwitz

(First Term)


Vice President

Cory Spakes



Amber Stewart

(First Term)



Brayden Jerde

(Term ends Jul-23  First Term)



Tom Watts

(Term ends Jul-20  Appointed)






ACC Chairman

Sydney Yapoujian

(Term ends Jul-22, First Term)


Rob Walker

(Term ends Jul-2021  First Term)


John DiNicholas

(Term ends Jul-19  2nd Term)


Julia Wallace

(Term ends Jul-23  First Term)


Eli Nykamp

(Term ends Jul-23  First Term)

If you would like to contact your Board members and are an Owner please click here. You will need your username and password to log on to the website. If you need this information contact April Sparks the Property Manager.