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The intent of the database was to document and catalogue current conditions of roads within the select subdivisions on the south and east portion of the SPOA properties for the purpose of understanding presence and quality of roads and drainage to aid in prioritizing future maintenance and construction.


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Stagecoach is a dynamic and changing environment. With almost 2000 platted home sites and numerous commercial zones, the development potential can be staggering. This page is your central location for all that is happening in the area. Be sure to keep up to date with our Newsletter, and to keep track of the latest Meeting Minutes, also.


2015 Stagecoach Property Tax Data

Attention All SPOA Property Owners and Members:


To Members of the Stagecoach Property Owners’ Association:


This letter is to update you all on the water well  and sealed sanitary wastewater vault permit moratoriums that were recently imposed in the Stagecoach area.  These moratoriums were imposed last Fall as a result of the Colorado Division of Water Resources’ (CDWR) review of the water well permitting process in the over-appropriated Yampa river basin.


I am pleased to tell you that the moratoriums have now been rescinded and owners in all Stagecoach subdivisions not currently served by the centralized water and sanitation systems can once again apply for and obtain a water well permit from the State and a sealed sanitary wastewater vault permit from Morrison Creek Metropolitan Water and Sanitation District (the “District”).  To make a long story short, the CDWR completed its review and determined that property owners within the District’s boundaries still have the opportunity to receive an exempt water well permit for household use from the State if the permit request is agreed to by the District.  With CDWR’s newly documented position on water well permitting completed, the District lifted its moratorium on the issuance of sealed sanitary wastewater vaults.  Essentially the well and vault permitting process in place prior to CDWR’s review remains the same with some minor procedural changes that do not impact an owner’s ability to obtain the permits.


It is important for all owners to understand that while they continue to have the opportunity to apply for an exempt water well permit, the CDWR will continue to separately consider each individual application.  As has always been the case, the CDWR has no obligation and they provide no guarantee that they will grant a water well permit.  With that said, they have indicated they do not foresee many requests for water well permits being denied if the permit request is agreed to by the District.  Another important item owners should understand relative to the water well permits granted is they are exempt well permits for ordinary household purposes and are to be used by one single family dwelling with no outside use for lots under 35 acres.


If you would like to read additional information on the CDWR’s review and final position on the issuance of individual on-lot water well permits in Routt County, we have posted their February 1, 2018 letter to Routt County on our website at  You will also find on our website the notice received from the District’s attorney indicating the moratorium on the issuance of sealed sanitary wastewater vaults was rescinded and outlining the procedural changes they are implementing in the permitting process.


Thank you for your patience and support as the Division of Water Resources and Morrison Creek have worked to address their concerns and resolve the issue.  I would also like to thank the CDWR, Routt County and the District for their efforts in working to achieve a positive outcome for our property owners.